Pencil Shavings

I had to share this story a friend posted! I read it right after my messy trunk post. It really puts some things in perspective! My messy trunk may just be pencil shavings!

Years ago when our children were all small, my sister in law got a call from her friend, telling her the heartache she was going through with her teenage son - drugs, drinking, etc. Heartbreaking. My nephew, still in elementary school, comes home the same day with a note from the teacher saying that he was in big trouble. Seems the cover was off of the pencil sharpener (remember the ones that used to hang on the wall in the classroom?) and her son just went ahead and sharpened his pencil and let the pencil shavings fall on the floor! You would have to know my sister in law, but she said after listening to the heartache of her friend that day, it just hit her wrong so she wrote back to the teacher, "SO WHAT??!! It's just pencil shavings!!!!" Now I know that we are to teach our children to obey and be respectful in the small things as well as the big, but for years now we have often used the phrase, "Its just pencil shavings!" Its good to keep things in perspective and some things aren't worth stressing over.