My Messy Trunk Nightmare. How could this happen...twice?

Lately I have been able to save a lot of money shopping at Publix Supermarket.  For those who don't know, Publix is a grocery store in my area.  They have great "buy one get one free" offers.  I also love how they give me such great service when I am there.  They are always super polite.  Every time I go they offer to take my shopping cart to the car and help me load  my groceries.  I usually never take them up on this offer. Especially since my oldest daughter is almost 15.

However, on the last two occasions I have had, not one, but two full shopping carts.  This along with my two year old son and my oldest daughter. Both of these times it has been the same employee helping me.  He doesn't even ask me before automatically grabbing my shopping cart. Then he asks where is your car parked?  Instead of telling him the usual "I can do it myself,"  I go ahead and let him assist.

So he follows us out and we get to my mini van.  I open my trunk and ahhhh!!!  A bunch of junk and trash everywhere.  I was so embarrassed (both times).  The first time wasn't that bad, just a stroller and some mess.  The second time however was a different story.  This time there was a TV, a stroller and an even bigger mess.  I was supposed to drop that TV off at a thrift store (sigh).  By the way, my deluxe stroller takes up half the trunk.  Did I mention I had two full shopping carts full of groceries to squeeze in?  I ended up telling the guy to just throw everything in wherever he could.  I actually had to lay seats down just to get everything to fit.

Have you ever had anything happen to you like this?  On a side note, it has been over a week and sadly that TV is still in my trunk.  I better get it out before I head to Publix again.  I think from now on I really should do some cleaning up in the car before I get groceries. Let's be honest, I know I will show up at Publix next week with that same messy trunk.  I am a mom of five with a busy schedule.  Don't I have the right to have a messy trunk?