Early Bird Gets the Worm

According to this podcast:  http://podcasts.michaelhyatt.com/TIYL_S6_EP_09_102815.mp3 
Everyone can be a morning person. I am not a morning person. My husband knows I am not a morning person. In fact my husband is the one that came to me yesterday with an offer I could not refuse. He said that if I would just listen to this podcast he would give me a massage. How could I turn it down? He did not tell me what the podcast was but at the time I really did not care. I was going to get 30 minutes to myself to listen to it and a massage. Did I mention he has been wanting me to become a morning person? He believes like the podcast that it will make you a more productive person.

So I listened and I have to say I was in a good mood of not caring and I told him sure lets try this go to bed and wake up early deal. Of course I had some questions? How do we do this with the kids? What time will we actually get up? What time will we go to bed? How will I get my quiet time in at night if I am going to bed so early? Why do I need to wake up so early?

Of course my husband informed me he already had a plan. He even bought a timer that will turn a light on in our room at a certain time in the morning. This means we have to wake up, walk across the room and turn it off (sigh). Not sure what I just got myself into. The plan is lights out at 9:00 but bed is at 10:00. I will continue this post in the morning where I can tell you how it goes!

So here I am at 6:15 am and I am blogging. Did I want to wake up? NO! Last night I could not fall asleep at 10. In fact, I feel asleep at 11:00 pm. Which meant if I were to wake up at 6:00 am, I would only be getting 7 hours sleep. My mind threw a red flag right away. I need my 8 hours of sleep. When the alarm went off and the light flickered I was annoyed. I did not mind this routine if I got my sleep but I felt like I was getting the bad end of the deal. Most people would love to have 7 hours sleep. Being a mom of five my 7 hours is interrupted with checks on the kids. 

Even though I do not feel like I have enough sleep, I am up. I am blogging. My kids are still in bed. My cats decided to run across the house meowing trying to wake them all up. I am getting work done. So I guess there is one benefit already to my day. My mind is still telling me I am not a morning person. I am trying to change that. 

It is now 6:40 am and I have had some coffee and toast. I am feeling much more awake. My mood is much better also. Maybe I can do this!

More posts to come on what tips am I using to get out of bed and be productive? Is this a benefit for me? Why am I continuing to do this to myself? and more....