Winter Classroom Theme

Our class is now a Winter theme! I wanted a theme that was easy and cheap this time. I love decorating our room where we do most of our homeschooling. It keeps it interesting for our kids that live in their school. It is a great change of scenery for them. So I found some ideas on pinterest and here is what happened.

I do not think of myself as a crafty person but I LOVE my penguins I made. They were so easy!

A couple cute snowman and snowflakes hanging up over the closet. They were less then $5.00 at Walmart. 

Paper plates make great snowmen. $1.00 plastic tableclothes from Walmart make great icicles and backgrounds. 

Of course I added some silver tinsel to the room and some posters that were winter themed. 

I decorated when my kids were gone for the day and they came home and loved it.