My Day as a Homeschool Mom

What my schedule looks like as a Stay At Home, Homeschool Teacher, Wife and Mom?

We typically get up and have breakfast. Then we do some chores in the house. After that we start class. Class starts at the same time everyday. After saying our pledges the kids are free to start their work for the day. While the kids are in school I try to get work done and watch my two year old.

We have a thirty minute recess in the morning. We also have an hour long lunch.

After lunch I go to the classroom with the kids and sit down with each child. I go over their work and any problems they are facing.

Then its nap time for my little one. I usually use this time to work on a project. Sometimes I take advantage of this quite time of the day and rest.

We end school at 3:00 pm. My kids typically go outside and play after school.

Most the time I am able to get chores done while the kids are schooling.

Mondays and Tuesdays I always do laundry.
Thursdays I try to get groceries.
All my other chores I squeeze in when I get the chance.

How does your day look?