I am Overwhelmed and I Think My Hats are to Blame

Ladies wear too many hats!! I have heard many say that they just do not feel adequate. We put too much pressure on ourselves to be everything to everybody.

I will use myself as an example.

Here are my hats in no special order:

If you actually sit down and write all the hats you wear during the day, your head would be to small to hold them all. This creates defeat. There is no way we can excel at everything we attempt. It may appear that some woman do. However, most of those women claim to be as lost as everyone else.

When we look at our hats we need to see which ones we can throw away. I can throw out Seamstress. I used to fix buttons and alter clothing. I love to sew but I just do not have the time. Besides a few small projects, my daughter does all the sewing for me.

When we get rid of a hat our head has room for the more important things. As woman we are great multi-taskers. However we can not excel at what we love if we do not make more room on our head.

Next we need to pick the most important hats. Mine is Mom and Wife. Those are my two most important jobs. They will always take priority. If I can excel at being a mom and wife then I feel good about myself.  When I worry about perfect cooking and making sure I have a blog post twice a week I put too much pressure on myself.

If you feel bogged down and inadequate then take a good look at your hats. Maybe you have too many. Once you have conquered your most important hats then you can put more effort into the rest.