Confession Time

  I have a confession to make. I do not have a spotless home. In fact, most of the time it's a wreck. I am not a go-getter type of person. Truth be told, it takes me a while to get motivated. Some people might even call it lazy. I try to take the easy route for everything. In fact I have been forcing myself to try out those vinegar tips I recently blogged about. 

    In case you don't know, I took the plunge and adopted a sibling group a few years ago. Then I got pregnant. Within two years time I was blessed with the addition of five children into my home. It was all so crazy that I honestly broke down with anxiety.  I aspired to be a perfect homemaker but found it unrealistic. I wanted to have a flawlessly decorated house but I didn’t have much money. I tried couponing and just couldn’t manage it. Cooking was a chore that I only liked half the time. My living room was never picked up even though I tried and tried.  My laundry was never done. My bedroom was always a mess.

    As un-motivated and unorganized as I tended to be, my family was happy. My husband did get aggravated from time to time with my inability to get myself together. Yet, when I did get motivated my house would be spotless. Even though that only happened a few times a year. My daughter actually hated it when I got motivated because that's when the whole family was put to work. We washed the walls from top to bottom and nothing was left untouched.

    That is why I started this blog. My curse is my talent. I want to find the easiest possible way to get life done.  The tips and tricks I share are things I use to get through the week.  Everything I post is typically easy…really easy.  Not to mention, these things actually make my life easier. My hope is that you will share your tips with me too. Life can be overwhelming but together we can do it!