7 Reasons to Love a Small House

We are a family of seven. In a four bedroom house. That doesn't sound so bad. However I also home school and on occasion my husband is working from home. Where do I fit everything? This may seem like tight quarters but I have found there are 7 reasons to love my small (for us) house.

1. Less to Clean- As busy as I get it really helps to have less to clean.

2. Easier to Find Your Children - I do not have to go far through the house to find any one of my children.

3. No Storage - This sounds like a bad thing. However, not having a lot of storage space has made me de-clutter ALOT.

4. Kids are Close - My boys share a room. My girls share a room. They do not get along all the time but when its bed time they are all giggles and the best of friends.

5. Enjoying Nature - When it gets to stuffy then my kids go outside and play. It is great that they want to be outside in nature. There is nothing better then some fresh air. So many kids now just sit in front of a screen.

6. Cheaper Electricity - This is self explanatory.

7. Oven Heater - In the winter I can bake in the kitchen and it will warm half the house. Baked goods and a warm house all in one.

I am sure there are plenty more benefits to having a smaller home. What is your number one reason to have a smaller house?