Have you heard of sewing Yo-Yo's before? Until the last couple of months I had never heard of them. My grandma recently bought me a kit to make them. Since it is sewing month I thought I would share my first experience with Yo-Yo making. They sell these kits in craft stores and you can find them on Amazon. There are many different shapes and kinds. They even have Butterfly shaped Yo-Yo's.

     The kit I used was somewhat easy. You could make Yo-Yo's without a kit. However, if you are an inexperienced sewer you will definitely want to purchase a kit. I followed the instructions to a Tee. I did have problems with the instructions at the end. After doing a little guess work I figured it out. It only took one try and I had a Yo-Yo.

    I thought the Yo-Yo's were neat but I was not sure what to do with them. My pillow's on my couch had three plain brown buttons on them. So I decided to put my Yo-Yo's on the buttons to give it a pop of color. It took me about an hour to make 6 Yo-Yo's. By the time I was on my fourth or fifth one, I was able to make one in 5 minutes.

     Has anybody else used Yo-Yo's for your sewing projects? If so please share with me what you did in the comments? I would love to make some more and see what I can do with them.

Happy sewing this month!

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