WOW! A Book About Someone I Actually Know! - I Married a Preacher by Emma J. Rigsby

     My mom gave me a copy of the book "I Married a Preacher" by Emma J. Rigsby. I was pretty excited to read this book for many reasons. First of all, I actually know this person. Her husband is Billy Rigsby, the former pastor of the very church my husband now pastors. Her husband was well known through our church's association and was a very good minister. My grandparents were even friends with the Rigsbys. Most importantly, I wanted to read this book because it provides an inside look into the life of a pastor's wife.

     I enjoyed reading about Emma (Jean), her husband, and her family.  Being a pastor's wife myself, I could relate to many of her feelings expressed in the book . I would highly recommend this book to anybody out there who enjoys a good biography. It was easy to read and very inspiring. For all of my pastor's wife friends, you will really want to read this to get an insight into how the ministry affects a family through the years. If you are not a pastor's wife, you will enjoy getting behind the scenes of the life of a minister's family. There are many struggles as well as many blessings.  You can find this book on (I have provided a link below).