How to Make Your Faucets Shine

Vinegar Tip #3

Bathroom Fixtures: Mix vinegar with baking soda to make a paste. Apply it to your stainless steel bathroom fixtures. Let sit an hour then buff off. Rinse and dry your fixtures to make sure that you have no water marks.

Before picture (my faucet gets water stains easily)

After I let it sit for an hour I buffed it with a paper towel. It was very messy! Thankfully it is okay for baking soda to go down the sink.

The finished project!!

My Verdict: This cleaning method was very messy. It also took a lot of time to wait. I would not use this as my go to method for every week. I do however plan on using this method once a month for a good deep cleaning. It worked very well. My faucets were sparkling like new. I especially liked that I did not have water spots.  It cleaned very well where the edge of the faucet meets the sink. On a side note, my faucets are not stainless steel but it worked just the same. I plan to try this on my kitchen sink next.

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