Foundation Study Bible, KJV

    I love getting to try out new Bibles. I am a KJV only girl and I love it when I can find new styles of  the King James Version Bible. This review is on the Foundation Study Bible, KJV. It is a hardcover Bible with a dust jacket. I personally like the Bible cover better than the dust jacket. The cover is solid black with the print only and no tan diagonal lines. This is a study Bible with study notes, words of Jesus in red, concordance and full color map. It is made for experienced and beginner students of the scripture. This Bible is a medium size, not to big or small. 
    Greatly stated on the back of the dust jacket explains why I use the King James Version. It says "Even after more then 400 years, the KJV is preferred by many readers for its accuracy, reliability, universal acceptance and superb literary quality." I agree that the KJV is the most reliable version. This particular study Bible has some nice features such as information about the books in the Bible at the beginning of each book. It also has theological notes. One main difference in this Bible that I have not seen in others is that all the notes are on the bottom of the page. Even the key notes or references are placed on the bottom.  These are traditionally found in the middle of the columns of Scripture. I could not find any reference indicating who the author of the commentary is. That makes it hard to know how reliable these commentary notes are. But overall it is a nice Bible if you like hardcover Bibles. I prefer leather bound but I can see where having a hard cover could be very nice since it is much sturdier to hold in your hand. I am not sure if it would hold up as long as a leather bound but that is just personal preference. 
   I am usually a fan of the Thomas Nelson's Bible's because their commentary is usually pretty easy to understand. Overall this is a very nice affordable Bible.

 I received this free copy of the KJV Foundation Study Bible through the Booklook Blogger program for my honest review.