Beyond the Mask

     I typically do not review movies. However, I just watched Beyond the Mask produced by the Burns Family Studios with my husband two nights ago and I gave it two thumbs up. What is so great about this movie, is that it is a movie about Redemption through Jesus Christ not of ourselves. It had all the elements of a great storyline. It had romance, action and the gospel. It is rated PG for the fighting scenes. Plugged In movie review says "on the same stage as National Treasure and Zorro."

Beyond the Mask
      It is a dove family approved film. I probably would not show this movie to my young children because it did have a lot of fighting and action scenes. The fighting scenes were not gruesome like some films but it was fighting. My husband loved the action and I loved the romance. I was very impressed with the amount of affection in the movie, to have the romance but not have kissing scenes made it very family friendly. There was one kiss on the lips and one kiss on the cheek the whole movie. In the romance department it was suitable for all ages.

     It is very hard to tell that this is a lower budget movie because the graphics are impressive. After watching the movie we watched the bonus features on how they did the visual effects and it was really interesting.

     One of the most interesting facts I learned about the Burns Family Studios was that it consists of two homeschooled families. These families started producing little films during their schooling years and now that they are older they have taken it to a new level. This movie is a must have and I would recommend it to anyone.

I am an Amazon affiliate but was not provided any free copies of this movie or discounts. I bought my own copy and posted an honest review of this movie.