Setting up my classroom

I was asked a while ago about where I was able to find desks and chairs for my class after posting pictures on my blog of my classroom. So I am sharing the links to the desk and chairs that I bought for my classroom.

I bought all my posters and bulletin board materials from the Dollar Tree. I did find a few things from Walmart when they are stocking school supplies which is right now!

I really like my desks and I am very happy with the chairs also The desks are height adjustable so I was able to get the same desk for my 8, 10 and 13 year old. The chairs that I bought are a certain size (15.5" seat height) and fit my 8 year old (who is small for her age) to 12 year old. We measured the height of the chair and compared it to other chairs we had in the house to see if it would be height appropriate for them. They make smaller chairs that are the same style and they sell them on Amazon also. I wanted to share this information because we had a hard time finding a kids chair for a desk that was affordable stackable and what we wanted.

Above is the 15.5 inch chair

Above is a 12 inch chair

Above is a 13.25 inch chair