School Days (first week)

   The time finally arrived to start our homeschool. I chose to do year round schooling to keep my kids busy year round and to have more time off throughout the year. I have prepared for months for this week. I was worried that the kids would be bored or hate it. I worried I would have to much stress and not enough time to do anything else in the house. Of course when you choose to homeschool your children there is a lot of what if's?

    It is day three of our four day work week and I am ecstatic. Everything is working out so well. The kids are doing their work and not complaining. I have time to do house work. Our curriculum is awesome. The kids have even had some fun projects. My toughest critic (child number 2) even has admitted that its not that bad. We decided to break early for lunch and go get some fast food and I had one child suggest they take their books to finish their subject. They actually wanted to do their work?? This is one happy mom!

    I did have a couple small snags in my first day but nothing that wasn't easily solved. I had to order a microscope that came a little late for a project. Also my two year old would not take a nap. But that has been the roughest time we have had. It is about time for my kids to get out of school so I am going to sign off for today.