A Prayer Well Said

"I have to give this to You, Lord. I have to surrender my will to Yours. I may change my mind later, Father, but don't listen to me.... Take me, and take the whole situation. Have it be what You want it to be. I'm trying to play God, and You don't need my help. Cleanse me, Lord, from pride and stubbornness, and help me trust again." From the book To Know Her By Name by Lori Wick

I have been reading Lori Wick's Rocky Mountain Series and have been enjoying the books. I had to share this prayer that I read from To Know Her By Name. I read this prayer more then once when I came to it. I didn't have to put myself in the plot of the story to see how this prayer could really benefit me.  So many times I have caught myself trying to take control in my life. I need to give it to God, whatever is bothering me, whatever I feel like I need to control, whatever it is I need help with in my life I need to give to God. I need to surrender my will to God's will and not mine. I need to trust in him that his will is the best way whether I can see that or not. And I need to set aside my pride in controlling the situation. This was not meant to be a book review necessarily. I really felt like I needed to share this part of the book though in case there are others like me that just need to be reminded what I really should be asking God in my prayers.

If you are interested in reading any of the Lori Wick, Rocky Mountain Series I have posted some links where you can find them on Amazon. They are very good books that are clean with great presentations of salvation and of course romance.