Vinegar Cleaner take 2

So last time I tried soaking a paper towel in vinegar and putting it around my kitchen sink (stainless steel) and found that it did not clean like I thought it would. I did not give up though and recently tried it on my solid surface counter top in my bathroom. This bathroom is pretty much  occupied by children all day long. It is there job to clean the sink. But if you have kids you know that you have to go and help them out every once a while with their cleaning skills. I noticed they were not cleaning good around the faucet so I took a paper towel soaked in vinegar and put it around the faucet. I left it for a couple hours and wiped it clean. It worked GREAT! So I am finding that vinegar is a great cleaner by itself. It can clean bathroom sinks, kitchen counters and shower heads. Now to the bathtub with it!