Creating a Classroom

     Do you make a classroom for your homeschooling kids or do you let them do their work wherever? To each family is a different answer. Some families choose to have a separate room for their kids to do their work while others say that their kids can learn anywhere and do not need the structure of a separate learning area. 
    I had to figure out what would be best for my family. I knew that I did not want them taking over my dining room table where we eat meals together. I already had plenty of experiences having them clean off the table so we could eat without them doing their school there. I thought about my children's specific needs in learning and their ability to pay attention to their task when the house gets noisy. Because of all the factors above and more I decided to create a classroom. 
    A classroom is difficult in my house because we have very limited space. I had to use my spare bedroom/entertainment room/now classroom. This room has a futon and mounted TV for company and is used a lot by the kids when they want to watch their own movies. I had to make the most out of my space. 

TIPS: Buy posters and school organizers from the dollar tree


As a new homeschooling mom I am open to all kinds of ideas. What are some things you find are essentials to your classroom or study areas for your schooling?