Lovelier Than Daylight by Rosslyn Elliot

Lovelier than Daylight is set in the time of the Westerville Whiskey Wars of 1875 and 1879. Two plots emerge to create one suspenseful story of Susanna and her family. When Susanna comes into town to meet her sister she finds her gone and the children have been left at an orphanage. Desperate to get her nieces and nephews back and find her sister she finds herself in the middle of a town war over a new Saloon.
Johann is following in his dads footsteps in the Lager business and finds himself in the middle of the towns need to get rid of the Saloon that his family is providing Lager for. After meeting Susanna and finding out about her circumstances he can not help but feel the need to help.

This book is two stories in one with a great romance budding. This story was suspenseful and kept me on my toes the whole book. It was very interesting how the author was able to capture some real history in this fictional story. I do not agree with the idea that the Lager could be ok if need be because of my Christian views. And there are some parts of the plot in the end I might have changed but I felt like the ending was worth the read.

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