Laundry Room Update

OK, I was looking through some old posts and ran across my posts on what I found in my laundry every week. I actually got a little laugh out of it and enjoyed reading them. I found some pretty incredible toys and such in my laundry. Here is one of the pictures of what I found in one week.

I have to say that this is not what I get out of my laundry anymore. It became so bad that I had to come up with the rule that whatever I found in the washer or dryer I would throw away. It was so bad that it seemed like they didn't care what was in their laundry basket or whether or not it got washed. Also after one of my sons loads of clothes came out of the dryer with more then half of it with stains on it from marker, that was not removable, and I had to throw them away (insert sad face), I officially had enough. 

So you may be asking yourself, Did throwing away all the stuff that ended up in my basket after laundry day work? What does her basket look like now? I can answer by saying, Yes it did work and I don't have to keep a basket anymore to collect what I get out of my washer and dryer. I may have to throw one or two things away during the week but its usually something small like an eraser. But I am thankful to not have to keep the basket anymore, I am slightly saddened that I do not get to share my funny little posts about what I find though. Its a small price to pay.