Coming Up Short

I have been trying to come up with something interesting to blog about. I have definitely come up short. My week has been busy but mainly with taking care of my almost 4 month old who is currently sleeping on my lap. I did try a new oven top cleaner technique that I came up with myself. I poured baking soda on it then scrubbed it with a lemon cut in half. It bubbled and cleaned better then chemical cleaning but fell short of the oven cleaner I used previously on my blog (see cleaning section on my blog for a good oven cleaner) or try baking soda and lemon for yourself!

I also organized my linen closet and gave away a lot of items to our local boys and girls club thrift store.  Which I should have took pictures because you should have seen how full and unorganized our closet was.

I made a new goal for my family. Since we are a family of 7 I have made it everyone's priority to make sure our kitchen is always spotless. I am going to try it for a month and then hopefully as a family we will be able to have a clean and organized kitchen. Then next month I hope to add the dining room. So far we are two days into project keep kitchen clean and I am really impressed!

My only problem seems to be lately that my baby will not swing in his swings. We have two right now, a portable one that is low to the ground and lays down the second is more of a traditional swing. The first one he tolerated when he was a newborn but doesn't care about it anymore he will just cry when I put him in it. The second swing we just were giving Sunday and he does the same thing. Sometimes he cries right when I set him down other times he will cry after 5 minutes. I am not giving up yet before I have to give away my swings.

Hopefully next week I will have something mucho due interesting to write about.

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