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So it has been a very long time since I have updated my blog. A lot has happened since we adopted the kids. Of course I have been busy, what mom wouldn't be that has went from 0 to 4 kids in a matter of months. But that is probably no excuse for not writing. To catch up here is what is going on in my life:
- May 2012 Adopted four kids
- June and July 2012 tried to keep my four younguns busy during the summer months by going to GA, Church Camp, VBS etc..
- August 2012 School started and our oldest daughter is now in middle school (oh how time flies by).

I am going to go ahead and skip to now because it seems like the last few months have been a blur. I am now 17 weeks pregnant. We are going to officially have a biological son. His name is going to be Joseph Allen.  People always ask how I am doing, I am good, I had morning sickness but not as bad as other people so I am thankful and it seems to be almost completely faded away. Joseph seems to be doing well growing and getting big. I officially have a small but pregnant belly. Which I look down and cant believe almost every day. The kids are really excited and cant wait to have a baby brother. They have really adopted him into our adopted family.

I wanted to start getting into my blogging again because I for one have energy again. Not as much as before pregnancy but definitely more then the last few months. And I have been venturing back on my pinterest account and seeing a lot of awesome things I want to try and blog about. So I hope I can keep it up and don't fall off the grid again. Although sometimes I think we have to do that.

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