Through Rushing Water by Catherine Richmond

This book was about a young missionary worker whom after being jilted by her supposed future husband really wanted to go to China to serve the Lord but ended up in Indian Territory.  When she arrived on her mission field the other missionaries thought that she wouldn’t make it, judging her by her properness and higher education. She learned a lot about the Indians and their culture and learned how misfortunate and how unfairly they are treated. By her own will she decides to send letters to get help for her Indian friends. Unfortunately through all her efforts the government decides to move the Indians from their territory to unknown land.  On her journey she makes friends with the carpenter who she slowly falls in love with and together they will find out the fate of their Indian friends.

    At first I had a really hard time understanding everything that was going on in the book. Which would be my only complaint about the book. But towards the end I didn’t want to put it down. I wanted to know what happens to the Indians and the two main characters of the book. I really enjoyed the ending and would recommend this book. 
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