Tangled Birthday Party

     Saturday was my youngest daughters 6th Birthday. So we had a Tangled Party. I wanted to share some of the pictures. Of course I got pretty much all the ideas off of Pinterest. Gotta love it!
This was the spread, jello boats, rice krispy paint brushes, pretzels, grapes and oranges, and our tower cake that my wonderful mother made!
Close ups of the Jello boats and paintbrushes, I also braided a spool of yellow yarn and curved it throughout the table for Rapunzels hair

Extra Cupcakes

Tangled hair with flowers in it

A close up of the tower cake! Mom really outdid herself!
I also did pin the pot on Ryder and a Ryder wanted Pinata that the kids hit with a pot. It all turned out really great. I wish I had some pictures of the games but you can search them on Pinterest. 

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