Oreo Bars

    I spent some time on Pinterest today and thought, hey I really should try to do something I have pinned. So I looked at recipes and found a recipe for Oreo Bars. Apparently you just take a package of Oreos and crush them and melt some butter and marshmallows just like rice crispy treats. It sounded easy enough so I thought I will try that and lucky me I had half a pack of Oreos that I had opened a couple weeks ago and then we went on vacation so I just knew they were probably stale. So I chopped them up added about 1 and 1/2 cups of large marshmallows (its all I had) melted with a couple teaspoons of butter. I mixed them all together and put them in a pan with wax paper. I have to say after they cooled they were sooo good but they were sticky. They stuck pretty bad to the wax paper.  But after getting the wax paper off I had these cute little Oreo bars and I loved them. Tonight I plan to test them out on my kids too, but I know what they are going to think (awesome)!