Busy Summer

     This summer like the last three summers has been super busy. So unfortunately I haven't taken the time to blog. I miss it though and plan to get back into it ASAP. The last two weeks I spent at camp with over 40 kids, I along with a couple other counselors were in charge of 18 girls in our dorm from our church. Camp was fun and my kids loved it! While we were there two of our young men from our church surrendered to the ministry.
    Then this last week we took a trip to see family in GA and celebrate the fourth of July and my birthday :) the fifth of July. Where our kids got to go tubing, boating, and swimming. We went to see fireworks too! We all had a great time seeing family and our kids got to meet one of their great uncles for the first time. Of course there are a lot of first times for them when it comes to meeting people since they are new to our family. I love that our family has been so open to them and has taking them in like they have always been ours.
    I have made it over halfway through the summer with four kids for the first time and I think I am going to survive. I am getting more confident everyday in dealing with my kids and that may sound strange to some, take on four kids at one time of all different ages and you will know what I mean. It is easier to pack them up and take them on a trip now. It is easier to send them off to grandmas for a couple days. It is easier to let them run a little more freely.
     Only four weeks left of summer and only a weeks worth of plans left. Which leaves me with three weeks open to do whatever. I already have some ideas that I have found on pinterest. And we were giving a slip and slide as a gift recently I plan on getting out.
     I made one new goal for myself, to be less reserved and more hospitable. I want my house to look appropriate for company almost any day or time so I can be open to enjoying the company of others. I do not want a messy house keeping me from making any plans with friends or loved ones. God gave me friends for a reason and I would like to have them over more often. I want to do more for others. I want to be one of those ladies who cooks for other people and delivers it to their door. Or at least bake some cookies once and a while or have some fresh lemonade ready for someone to stop by. I am tired of being lazy and I am ready to be more of a homemaker and not a housekeeper.

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