The Waiting is Over

     This last Wednesday, May 30th we completed a very long process of Adoption. We went in front of the judge and said our I Do's to being parents of the four children that have been living with us since last July. For a very long drawn out process our Adoption on Wednesday in the court probably lasted all of ten minutes (maybe). The kids all were able to get new last names and some minor changes to there first or middle names. This was all pre-decided by them as a family.
     We spent the whole week celebrating. We went to Orlando, FL. and stayed in a hotel close to Sea World. We stayed there three nights and played at the pool, got room service and went to Sea World (twice). We celebrated Wednesday after the adoption by going out to dinner. We also had a family party on Friday night. Where all the family wore name tags of their relation to the kids. We also all put our thumb prints on a family tree. It was so nice. We all had a great time! We ended the week with spending the night at my parents house before coming home today.

We are now the Bell Family (of 6)!

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