Pinterest bathroom Cleaner

     If you are a follower of pinterest you have probably seen this miracle bathroom cleaner that consists of Dawn Dish Soap and Vinegar. I decided to try this today. And my results (Major STINK!) I had no idea it would smell so bad. My daughter and I didn't even want to walk in the bathroom to finish cleaning it. After throwing on a bandanna around my nose I went in to see if it cleaned as well as they say. And it did a pretty good job but not exactly the best I have seen. Although it could have worked much better had I used less of it so I felt like I could breath in the bathroom and scrub a little more. I only put about 1/4 cup of each in my spray bottle and didn't even use that much. I do have sensitive sinuses which could be the problem. All I could think of when I was cleaning it was I had to get out of there. So while it worked pretty well I think it could have worked better had I felt like I could breath. My daughter went in and opened the bathroom window and shut the door so hopefully the smell will not carry into the rest of the house.  
    My daughter suggested maybe it needed another scrub but I just don't know if I am brave enough to tackle the smell again. If I do try it again, I will definitely add more soap or water to dilute the smell. Maybe water would dilute it enough to tolerate scrubbing for a little while.