its been a while

     It has been a while since my last post. This summer has been very busy for us. First a trip to Orlando, where we stayed and went to Sea World and adopted our four kids!! Second a week of Vacation Bible School. Then third we had a week at Church Camp.
     We just got back from Church Camp and it was so great! We had 2 young men from our church dedicate their lives to the ministry to Preach. We had a group of 51 people that went and over 40 were kids.
    Now that it over though I have tons of cleaning and laundry. We got home yesterday at around 10:30 and I started my laundry right away. I have been working on my laundry all day yesterday and all day today. As I am sitting her typing at 7:30 I have just realized that I am on one of my last loads of camp laundry. I also just realized that I have to start normal laundry now. The work never ends. But it was worth it to know that we have a few more guys out there reaching out in the ministry.

     On a different note, having kids has made me realize how much I enjoy coloring. I know it sounds silly but I am sure there are other mommy's out there that secretly enjoy to get that coloring book out too. I just heard that it helps your penmanship which I could desperatly use. So its fun, its something to do with (or without) the kids, and it helps penmanship. All you mommy's out there, you should go pick up a coloring book and crayons and sit back and relax.

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