Mothers Day

     This year was a special mothers day. It was my first official mothers day. Last year the kids came over to my house and bought me some gifts. This year I woke up to breakfast made by them. My youngest prepared me some watermelon, my boy made me some cinnamon toast, my 9 about to be 10 year old girl made me a hash brown and my oldest made me some eggs. It was all very good. Then I got a few gifts that say #1 mom and worlds greatest mom. Some handmade cards by my son.
    The kids have been really excited about mothers day all week which was very special to me. When the day came my oldest had some sad moments remembering her "old mom" as they call her. She also clung  to me like glue. So I know yesterday was a little hard for her. I hope that in the future she is able to think of positive things from her past and have happier days ahead. She is usually the strongest one but she is also the one that remembers the most and feels the most abandoned.
     On a positive note our Adoption is coming along very smoothly and by the end of the month should be complete!!