Chicken Skewer's Caesar Salad

    I had seen a recipe online for a Chicken Caesar Salad with chicken skewers. So I decided to make it my own and create it for my family. This was risky considering I have four kids and two of them are under the age of 10.
    I am happy to say it came out a success and here it is.


1 - Family Size Caesar Salad Kit (they had this size at Walmart and it feed my family of 6)
1 - pack of 3 to 4 chicken breasts
2 - red peppers
1 - onion
Caesar salad dressing

The recipe I saw online was for grilling the skewers but since I couldn't grill that night I just cut the chicken up into about 1" squares. Then fried them in a frying pan.
After they were done cooking, I add the peppers and onion cut up into skewer size pieces around 1" squares. I also added a couple spoon fulls of Caesar dressing. 
I cooked them on low while I rinsed the lettuce in the kit and prepared the salad.
Then I just plated the salad, took some skewers and put the chicken, peppers and onion onto the skewer.

My husband likes tomatoes on his salad. So that is why you see tomatoes on the salad in the picture.