Kids WILL eat their veggies!

     I don't have a lot of problems with my kids eating veggies. Sometimes they will even get a second portion of veggies. But I discovered something yesterday that I think the whole family enjoyed.
     Normally if I made a salad, I cut up the lettuce and add a couple toppings. Then I put it on the kids plates and add some croutons and dressing. But yesterday for lunch I decided to put everything separate and let them make their own little salad from the "Salad Bar".
     I put Lettuce in a bowl, then I had little bowls of carrots, green peppers, cucumbers, cheese, cottage cheese, tomato's, croutons and I even put pickles out. They loved going and picking the items they wanted and going back to the salad bar for seconds. When they were done eating they went back and picked up a bowl of their favorite vegetable and just ate it out of the bowl. My oldest daughter (11 years) had three plates of salad.
     I am definitely doing this again and when I do I am going to make it even better with some chicken maybe some pasta salad and make it like a real salad bar.