Tricky Deviled Eggs

     I have made many deviled eggs in my life. My mom was always the best deviled egg maker and naturally made them for all of our family and church events. So it was only fair that I helped on occasion and started to make them myself. I started making them for the family events and my mom graduated onto making much bigger and better food items. I have learned a few tricks on deviled eggs that I wanted to share.

Tip #1: I boil my eggs for 20 minutes depending on the quantity. Sometimes 30 minutes if I am making over or around a dozen or more. Sometimes you will even see your eggs start to crack while boiling, that is a good thing!
Tip #2: After boiling, immediately run cool water over them. Let the pan fill up with cool water so they are sitting in it.

Tip #3: While they are sitting in the cool water, gently tap them on the bottom of the pan and roll them. You want to break the shell and then roll it around causing a bunch of little cracks all around the shell. If you let them sit for just a couple of minutes its even easier to get the shell off. However I am usually in a hurry so I start right away taking the shell off.

Tip #4: Really isn't a tip because now all you do is peel them. And it should be super easy to peel because the water gets under the cracks in the shell and usually separates the (I call it Skin layer) of the egg from the white of the egg.

Tip #5: There is a layer I call it skin between the shell and the white of the egg. It is clear and it will peel off your egg. Sometimes its hard to find because a lot of the time it comes off with the shell. But if it doesn't it will make peeling hard. So always try to get under it and use it to peel the shell off.

Tip #6: After peeling your eggs and getting your yolks out and dressing them (yummy), you can make a clean appearance for your eggs by putting your dressing into a bag. Cut the tip of the bag and use it as a piping tool. You can then pipe it into your eggs. I do not always do this, I use a fork and just slather it in, I like the messy look on my deviled eggs.

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