Sewing Project #2

     I am trying to learn how to sew so I have a lot of fabrics that friends have given me to practice with. I had some red and white flowered fabric that I thought would make a cute purse.
    My sister in law makes purses and she gave me one (I love it) so I thought I would copy what she did and make one for myself. It took me over 30 minutes to figure out how to sew the bottom of the purse. But once I figured it out it became a fun easy project. I am not good at sewing tutorials because I am new at sewing. But I thought if I posted my pictures that any sewers out there may get the idea and be able to make one for themselves or at least get some kind of motivation. I know I love to see others projects so I can get ideas.

This was my first test purse. Then my friend Jill came over and we (she) made the purple one below. I just told her how to do it and she sewed it together.  

They are not perfect by far but it is so much fun to have a purse that is uniquely made by yourself with fabrics you choose. A bonus they are reversible so two purses in one.

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