Passport 2 Purity Daughter 1 Getaway

     Since the kids are on spring break starting last Friday. I took the opportunity to do a Passport2Purity┬« getaway with oldest daughter (11 years). My husband found this program from Family Life Today. It was created by Dennis & Barbara Rainey.

     This was a great Bible study for us. My daughter seemed to enjoy it and we got to talk about a lot of the pressures for preteens and how to make the right choices with friends and life based on biblical principles. We spent one night away from home together and away from the siblings. Along with the Bible study we also had an activity. I taught her to sew a purse and another little thing we call a chick-a-dee. Pictures below. She absolutely loves to sew now and since Saturday has been asking me every minute of the day to get the sewing machine out to sew. 

    What we call our Chick-A-Dees, two square fabrics put together with some felt for embelishments and some stuffing and rice. Its really a bean bag chick-a-dee. We really enjoyed making them and I plan to make more they were super easy. I had seen similar ones to the ones we made but they were more  traingular. I saw them on this site:
Below is the purse I showed her how to make and she made it pretty much all by herself!! I think she did a great job!

     When we came home she signed a contract in front of my husband and I that said she would rely on us to choose when it was appropriate for her to date and who it is appropriate to date. Even though she is only 11 we already hear about boys, girls and dating a lot in our house. This was a good way for us to set our rules on what we expect from her and dating when she is older and what we expect now when she comes home telling us she has a boyfriend (which she does, sigh). We also gave her a necklace that had a key with a cross on it. She has had the necklace on since we gave it to her Saturday night. Overall the weekend went great and I am glad I did it. We kept the materials to use again with our other two daughters when they hit the preteen years and our son. 

     Since the kids moved in I have been enjoying when they turn a year older and watching them grow up and mature. However as much as I enjoyed this program I am very glad I wont have to do it again for another couple years. Preteens are rough haha.. and I know its only the beginning.

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