Homemade Stain Remover

     I had seen this recipe for a homemade stain remover on Pinterest over a month ago. About a month ago I bought the supplies to make it (all I had to buy was Dawn Soap) Then I put it aside as usual and didn't try it until my sister in law called me and recommended that I try it. So over the last two weeks I have been testing it on whatever the kids bring me that I think "oh no, I am never going to get that out".
Here it is:

1/4 cup Dawn Dish Soap
2/4 cups Hydrogen Peroxide

     I put mine in a little sandwich container so that I could store any leftover I had. When my sister in law (Andrea) tried it she said that she had some left over so I didn't want to waste it, if it really worked. I had high hopes because it worked for Andrea so I was super excited.

First You Stir the Dish Soap and Peroxide Together, I used an old toothbrush and then I was able to use the toothbrush to scrub the clothes.

My first item brought to me was a white shirt with some kind of blue ink stain. Has anybody heard of Blowpens?? I think that is the culprit. I looked at it and I didn't even know if it would wash out on its own or not but it didn't look good so I decided to try the new formula.

Just after applying the mix, I saw the stain vanishing before my eyes. Above picture is before the wash. Below picture is after the wash.

I still was not a 100% believer so I took a shirt that had been washed already and the stains did not come out. Mainly because some of the stains beside dirt stains was actually ACRYLIC PAINT!! I thought for sure nothing could be done with this shirt. As you can see below the before picture has blue acrylic paint and other stains on the sleeves.

After I applied the stain remover and washed the shirt. Here is the result. Now it did not take all the blue paint out but I think after one more treatment it might just take the rest out. I was highly impressed with this cleaner.