From Zero to Four in Thirty Seconds: Book Review

     One of my friends from church had seen this book and thought of me "From Zero to Four in Thirty Seconds" by Amy L. Peterson. Hmm I wonder why she thought of me haha.. I just had to read this book and thankfully it was available on Amazon for free for Kindle. My lucky day!!
    I read this book in two days, even though it wasn't a Christian novel which I am used to reading, it was witty, cute and funny. It is about Amy and how she became a step mom to four kids. When I was reading it I realized that a lot of the feelings she had were the same as mine. I have never been able to figure out our crazy relationship with our kids since they have moved in. They call us mom and dad but we don't feel completely 100% their parents. I realized its a lot like a step relationship. They were put into our lives and now we are mom and dad. Sometimes we are actually called mom or dad #2. Since they did have a first set of parents.
     I could relate a lot to this book when it came to how she felt with her new step children. The way you feel when you go out and your kids are running around crazy and you know everyone is looking at you. The time you used to have to spend with your significant other has completely changed. Kids wake you up in the early am. And it all happens in 30 seconds for her and for me. So I could relate a lot and was glad I read it.

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