Cleaning the Microwave

     I had seen on Pinterest where you can clean your microwave easily by putting a bowl of water in it and set the microwave to cook for 5 min. Then wipe it clean. I wanted to test this theory. Since I had heated up some spaghetti in my microwave this last week I thought it would be the perfect time. What I didn't notice was that there was a lot of gunk on the ceiling of the microwave. I am assuming it is oily, buttery, popcorn grease and spaghetti gunk. Anyways here are my before pictures.

   I know that it doesn't look that dirty, I tried getting a close up, it really is messier then it looks in the pictures.

All I did was fill up a microwavable bowl with water and put it in for 5 minutes. WARNING: it is VERY HOT when you take it out.

    The outcome was good, I was able to use a dishcloth to easily clean the sides off. However I had some issues with the top and back. Some of the gunk as I call it, just didn't come off. So I took some baking soda and water, dabbed it on my dishcloth and then wiped that gunk away clean. I also took the spinning tray out and washed it with soap and water in the sink. So the water in the microwave worked but not well enough for some stubborn mess. But just adding a little water and baking soda to the rag took the rest right off.

Here are the after photos: