Valentines Day

     I really wanted to post this yesterday but when I got a fever around 5pm my husband sent me to the bed. I had been planning a Valentine's Day party for the kids for a couple weeks. They got special invitations to the party only if they cleaned their rooms. They had to have their invitation to get into the party. It was really cute. They received presents from their grandparents and great grandma. I found activity pages for them and crafts. I also set out little treats for them to eat for Valentine's Day. I unfortunately felt so terrible by the time the party started that I didn't get to even enjoy watching them have fun. And about 30 minutes after it started my husband came home and sent me to bed. But I did get some pictures of the party before it began.

Goody Bags that say I DIG U with a shovel
 (got this idea off of pinterest)

Owl made out of Toilet Paper Roll 
This was one of the crafts they made
I did the one pictured above and I plan on blogging about how to make them and show off the ones the kids made.
I also found this owl on Pinterest.

Found this owl on Pinterest too,
All made out of Construction Paper 

The Party, Of course it looks a little crowded. There was a lot going on between snacks, crafts, activities and gifts. 

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