Thrifty Finds 2-3-12

      I have lived in my house for over 2 years now and in our small town there is a huge flea market. I probably have only went to it 4 or 5 times since I moved here. However when my husband took up a hobby that required a little treasure hunting we decided to go see what kind of trinkets we could find at the flea market. Last week I got my $1.00 teddy bear. This week I bought 6 boxes of kids valentines day cards for $4.00. Sure does beat Walmart's price.
    This week we also checked out a couple thrift stores. I used to not like going to thrift stores but since I have been in a treasure hunting mood lately I found me a couple keepers. I found a cute little plate for my kitchen and a cutting board. Plus some books for the kids.

These are my treasures for the week!

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