It has to be done

     Alot has changed in my house since I have taken in 4 children. All my storage space is gone. My house has seemed like a big clutter especially my bedroom. After months of dealing with this now I have decided it is time. Time for what you might ask? It is time to de-clutter. Since I have been married I have held on to the bathroom rug that didn't fit in my new bathroom when I moved but one day I might need it. The old shower curtain after I redecorated my bathroom into a kid's bathroom (there may be something special for that old shower curtain). Why do I keep all this?? Because I have always been able to redecorate my house with the things I already have.  Plus before the kids I had three extra rooms to store all my extra decorations or things I just wanted around so they would just be there if I ever chose to look at them.
    Well no more I say, I can't stand it any longer. I have less space to live in now so these items have got to go. This is going to be most hard on my husband because he is worse about keeping stuff around then even I am. The kids have been somewhat good about getting rid of clutter but they still have jammed packed rooms. I believe I am going to dedicate all my free time this week to decluttering. Wish me luck. I may even post some before and afters if I am bold enough.
     Oh and before I go, I want to share a great trick for seeing the unnecessary clutter in your house. Take a camera and take a picture as you walk in the door to the room then get a step stool and take a picture from the corners of your room on the stool. When you review these pictures back on your computer, you will be able to easily see any items that look out of place or that need to be picked up better. It also makes you see what guests see when they walk into your home. I have used this technique before it really does work.