It has to be done... Day 5

     Well, I pretty much got my room done, there are a few little areas I would like to clean out better. I am anxiously awaiting for my husband to get home today because he is going to help me move some furniture around. I LOVE to move furniture around. I like change in the house. So basically my room is done for deep cleaning.
     My five year old daughter has decided to drag everything she owns out everyday to have to spend all day cleaning it up. So after spending five minutes in her room trying to find two matching shoes this morning for school and almost (within 1 minute) being late to school. I decided that her room was going to be next in de-cluttering. She can not handle little toys (ex. happy meal toys). So I took a trash bag to her room. When I left her room the trash bag was full. I feel much better knowing I have one less bag worth of trash in the house.
    I feel like my decluttering adventure is finally going the way I want it and I am getting something accomplished. One day maybe I will have a perfectly clean house but with four kids I highly doubt it haha...

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