It has to be done.. Day 3

     I am on my third day of de-cluttering my house and I am feeling really great about it this time. I wasn't able to do much today because my good friend Jill came over with her kids to play today. I think Jill and I enjoy it more than the kids.
     Even though I had company most the day and then the kids got home, I helped the youngest with her Valentine's Day cards, we had a family meeting and I had to make dinner and finish the laundry which at 8:30pm is still not done. I still feel like my house is getting better by the minute.
     I look around at the progress I made the last two days and while very small to me it's really big. I can see my floor in the kitchen by my desk (WAHOO!) and my bookshelf by my desk has almost all my craft items on it including sewing machine. This means where my craft stuff was stored before is now cleaner!  Tonight the only thing I really did is reconcile my bank statements. I did the whole year minus last January. That's how behind I was. But hey I was able to do it because I cleaned off my desk yesterday and can actually see my computer (sadly this is true). Even our oldest daughter came to my desk and said "oh you guys hooked the computer up again" in return I said "what are you talking about it's always been hooked up" where she replied "oh you never you use it" and then my final reply "because I couldn't see it due to my stack of papers on my desk".  So now I feel like I can breathe even a little bit more.
     And before I go I want to give a great big shout out to my Aunt because in the morning I am going to be thinking of her when I wake up and start planning my nap. Which I am already somewhat thinking about now haha...