Getting Better

     After writing about my Valentines Day party I really hadn't said much else lately on my blog. Mainly because I have been sick with some kind of flu and hadn't wanted to do much of anything. But thankfully I am on the mend. About the only thing I have kept up with this week is Laundry which is still going in the laundry room. I should do a post on what I find in my washing machine and dryer on laundry days. I am even surprised  at what I find sometimes. Since I got my sewing machine out Monday I have been in a sewing mood lately but being so inexperienced I have not figured out what I want to do yet. I have been looking at projects online but for some reason nothing has sparked my interest lately. I feel like I am going through a crafty depression. I hope I get out of it soon because I have been enjoying it so much.
    The kids are all doing well some have coughs and runny noses. But it seems like everybody does right now. I am just hoping that they don't get what I had this week. Even though it seems odd that I did not get it from them??
    Hopefully next week I can start back on my organizing and de-cluttering again. I knew I wouldn't keep it going very well. But I think that I can motivate myself to get a little more done. Especially my room. Yep I never got to my room.

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