Creamy Cesar Pasta Salad

     I know my pictures will not do this recipe justice, however it is awesome. I am a fan of Suddenly Salad kits. One day I took a Cesar Suddenly Salad kit and put a twist on it.

What you need: 1 - Cesar Suddenly Salad Kit (2 if you want to make it a main course)
                             1- 1/2 cup of Mayo 
                             1- 1/2 cup of Sour Cream
I didn't put amounts of vegetables because you can add as much in as you want. I think one time instead of celery I put broccoli. That's what is great about this recipe you can do whatever you want and it always tastes good. This is a GREAT way to sneak in vegetables for kids.  The mayo and sour cream can also be adjusted to taste.

Directions: Boil Pasta as instructed. In a large bowl mix the Cesar packet that comes in the Suddenly Salad kit, with the mayo and sour cream. Drain Pasta and rinse with cool water. Add pasta to the bowl and add in any vegetables desired.