Caprese Sausage Pasta Salad

     I actually really enjoy getting into the kitchen when I have a new recipe in mind. I found this one from my new Pillsbury Annual Recipes 2012 book. Of course I changed the recipe slightly here and there to make it my own and it turned out really well.

Servings 6
2 boxes Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad Classic mix
1/3 cup water
4 tablespoons olive oil
1 tomato
1 package mozzarella cheese
1 package Hillshire Farms Polka Kielbasa sausage

1) Cook the Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad pasta as instructed.
2) Cut the sausage into bite sized pieces and heat in frying pan.
3) Take only one package of the betty crocker suddenly salad mix, I only used one but you could use two if you wanted a stronger flavor. One seemed to taste just fine though. Mix the package of seasoning with the water and olive oil.
4) Cut your tomatoes and add them to the bowl along with the sausage.

5) When pasta is done, drain and run cool water on it. Mix it into the bowl. Stir everything together and sprinkle mozzarella on top. I also added some Parmesan cheese too.

This recipe was a hit in our house, even the kids loved it.