Treasures and Kids in the PM

     I have had a very busy weekend and beginning of the week. My chores have not been getting done around the house and I certainly have not been able to work on any projects :(. 
   I am hoping that by the end of the week I can start working on some projects around the house.
   I have two things to talk about this morning, Kids in the PM and Treasure Hunting.
    Kids in the PM, uh first of all we had a Youth Rally last night so all four kids were up past their bedtimes. The 5 year old 2 hours past her bedtime. Sometimes I think taking her to the youth rally is a little much for her routine of sleep. It seems like every time we take them to a youth rally the three youngest act out which causes my stress to go up :( and not want to ever take them again. But the biggest deal of the pm last night was our 7 year old son. Not only did he get into bed over an hour past his bedtime, he had a hard time going to sleep and about two hours after they feel asleep we heard crying and noises coming from him. Apparently he was doing it in his sleep and didn't know it. He woke up and said he was fine and would go back to sleep. However this also kept my husband and I up alot of the night. When our 7 year old got out of bed this morning he had circles around his eyes :( . 
     Next subject to tackle this morning is treasure hunting. Becoming a very favorite of mine especially with 4 kids and trying to be thrifty. We have a very  large flea market in our town that my husband and I went to on Monday. I found so much that I liked however everything I liked was super expensive over $50.00 at a flea market?? so anyways I did find one treasure and it is my teddy bear. Well it is a much better condition of a teddy bear I had growing up that I still have today. I saw him sitting on a table for $1.00. I told my husband I just had to have him I couldn't leave him there, I had no idea what I would do with him but I just had to get him. Here is a picture of my old teddy with my new teddy.
My old teddy is the worn one of the left

     Hopefully by the end of the week I will be able to post some projects around the house.

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