top that

     Happy New Year!! I was discussing with my husband about our past year and how we could possibly top it. Here is a quick review of my year.

1. 11 Day trip to Israel (absolutely loved it), it was my first time out of the country and we ended up leaving the country twice this year.  Also first time on an airplane, I honestly didn't mind that plane ride to Israel going there but on the way back it was terrible and now everytime I get on a plane I hate it more and more. I am not a good flyer.

2.  5 Day mission trip to Costa Rica, this was my first mission trip and my second trip out of the country. We took our youth group at church.

3. On July 25th 4 kids, 2 hamsters and 2 fish (did I mention I already had 2 cats) moved into my home and from then on it was a bunch of exciting and stressful months for me. I am now called Mom, Mommy and Momma. Momma being my favorite it just sounds so cute coming from our 5 year old. I have grown to love MY KIDS even if they are not officially adopted yet. Hopefully that will be our one exciting event in 2012.

I don't think I could ever or want to ever top this year. In fact I am praying for a somewhat less exciting calmer year.

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