Time for School

     So this morning the kids went back to school. I enjoyed some of the time we got to spend together but towards the end of their break they were all over each other. Arguing every chance they got. And they were even getting very whiny. So I think getting them back on a schedule and giving them some other friends to hang out with will be good for them.
    Since my stress the last two days has been pretty high this little break during the day will probably be good for me too. Right now I am relaxing outside in a comfy chair watching my husband work in the yard while I type on the computer and I may go get a book soon (sigh) of course I am being productive I have laundry in the wash, I am SO behind in my laundry. I also plan to do a little yoga today. I should call this my distress day.
    I have a friend who always ends her blogs with reasons she is thankful. I think that is such a positive thing to do and while I don't plan on copying her I would like to express some thanks today.
    I am thankful for this beautiful weather now that the fog has lifted. I am thankful for my husband (my best friend). I am thankful for loving parents that even though don't live near are never far when I need them. I am thankful for God sending his Son Jesus so I can have everlasting life and peace in my heart even though I don't always accept his peace and fight putting my faith in him, I know he is always there. I could be thankful all day but the last thing I am going to mention is electricity. It is making my day much easier by practically doing my laundry for me.

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