DIY Ice Pack

     When you have four kids in the house it seems like someone is always in need of an ice pack for some kind of ache or pain. Lately it seems like the ice packs I have are either hard or don't work well for the area intended.
    I saw on pinterest where someone had posted on how to make a homemade ice pack. I was hoping that making a homemade ice pack would be cheap and custom, which it was. All they said to do was put dish soap in a ziploc bag and freeze.

For my ice pack I bought 24 fl. oz cheap store brand dish soap. And some Ziploc bags because I was out.

Step 1: If using a quart ziploc bag, pour the whole 24 fl. oz bottle of dish soap into the bag. It should be 1/2 to 3/4 full when you do this. Mine was just a little over half. But makes a pretty thick ice pack.

Step 2: Get some of the air out, all of it will not come out.

Step 3: Seal the bag, I folded over the zip part of the bag and put it down into another ziploc bag. For double protection. One bag just felt like if a kid had it, it would be busted in 5 minutes.

Step 4: Freeze (it took mine a few hours to freeze before use)

This makes a good size ice pack for aches and pains. Right out of the freezer it is pretty hard just like the other ice packs you buy. But you can leave this ice pack out for hours and it will still be very cold.

Update: I wrote this about a month ago and tried the ice pack out before posting. My kids have used it and it works really good. I have even used it when I hit my back on a dresser drawer.

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